Let me tell you how we got here...

  • Pablo begins his music project ATICA which quickly recieves recogniztion in his home country, Spain, and later internationally.
  • ATICA goes on tour internationally, visiting over 20 countries in one year. This gave ATICA the perfect insights and overview of the current situation of how live events occur at the highest level.
  • This moment sparks the idea of what is now Pinecone! ATICA’s awareness of the de-evolution of musical performances carved the vision to use technology to evolve live entertainment into new horizons. Beginning by killing the “entertainer’s ego,” the birth of a new kind of entertainer led to a higher type of experience for the audience, where the audience is also the protagonist.
  • This moment sparks the idea! music as we know it, is devolving. we have to use technology to evolve with it and grow the expereince. Killing the ego of the entertainer to give birth to a higher type of experience. Where the audicence is the protagonist.
  • ATICA becomes the first human entertainer to substitute himself with a CGI realtime-controlled avatar. Traction for the vision speeds the idea in unprecedented ways which leads ATICA to shift his focus on the technology he developed, by founding Pinecone. Now this technology is available to other artists and brands because of the support and MegaGrant from Epic Games.
When I was 11 years old in Northern Spain, my parents bought me my first computer which was possibly 10 times less powerful than my current iPhone X. My neighbor came to my house to install basic software, among which was Duke Nukem 3D. After 10 minutes of playing, I was impressed by the 3D graphics and fell in love with computers. I remember I stopped playing and turned to my neighbor and said, “I want to learn how to do this.”
Growing up at home, I was surrounded with music and the arts but that specific moment on the computer was a turning point. In that moment I realized two things: first, that computers were the future and secondly, that I wanted to be an active part of that global transition.
I began my career with computers through producing music with tools that are incomparable to what is currently available. Eventually, music resonated with me more than 3D and computer science. I then started my studies in a school of sound engineering at 18 years old. By 21, I had finished my studies and started a small project studio in my hometown, recording and producing mainly amateur rap groups. Three years later I moved to Madrid where I pursued my dream of being an international DJ and music producer. I formed my first band, Void Camp, which ended up being the first group I toured with outside of my country.
5 years ago, I began my solo project, ATICA. Through ATICA, I produced many types of music for different projects and experienced international “success” for the first time. Several of my productions began to sound around the world and the energy multiplied. I traveled more often to the USA, was granted an artist visa, began a label called 33 Records and developed young talents in Spain, directed several different projects using videography, social media, music, and viral marketing strategies to position our company and products.
In 2017, I had the honor of preforming at EDC Las Vegas and shortly after decided to move permanently to the USA to start a new stage of my career. Parallel to this move was a decision to take ATICA to the next level by incorporating my young passion for 3D, technology and social networking to my music career in creating ATICA Forever. This project is the first ultra-realistic avatar scanned with the latest technology, controlled in real-time for the live entertainment industry. In 2019, I completely substituted myself in social media networks with my avatar.
Currently, our team in Los Angles has moved into a second phase of vision, which leads us to Pinecone. Pinecone is a platform for virtual presence for live entertainment, showcased through the prototype ATICA Forever. As times change and social distancing is a term used more often daily, Pinecone allows you to be anywhere and everywhere through our intuitive and simple technology. Now, our clients can have a reach far greater and quicker than ever before, all from the comfort of their own homes.
In 2019, our vision was developed into what it is now thanks to the support of Epic Games. As a recipient of Epic Game’s Mega-Grant, their support nurtured our company to develop its software and product much faster than expected. As the project continues to grow, the support of our many client and partnering companies, from major DJs to live entertainment production companies, continues to facilitate the growth of our vision.
I remember to have a clear idea of what the future may look like, but now the patterns of our society change at every moment and technological advancements is the solution to quick adaptation and less volatility in our daily Ives.
As it gets more and more difficult to predict the future, I know my mission here on earth is to help shape it. The uncertainty generated by the tremendous exponential growth of our present advancements makes it all the more exciting.
We are building a new world.